Highlights from this issue
Why collaborate with children in health research : an analysis of the risks and benefits of collaboration with children
How to write an Interpretation
How to use… lupus anticoagulants
How to use… an autism assessment tool
How to use… antinuclear antibodies in paediatric rheumatic diseases
A pain in the neck
Neutropenic sepsis : prevention and management of neutropenic sepsis in cancer patients (NICE Clinical Guideline CG151)
Review : corticosteroids with intravenous immunoglobulin reduced the incidence of coronary artery aneurysm formation in patients with Kawasaki disease
Prednisolone added to intravenous immunoglobulin treatment improves outcome in children with severe Kawasaki disease
Interesting images – purple and white blobs!
A pain in the neck
The Mental Capacity Act 2005 makes (temporary) restriction of liberty lawful