Highlights from this issue
Early enteral feeding strategies for very preterm infants
Apgar scores at 10 min and outcomes at 6–7 years following hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy
Femur–fibula–ulna complex
Do very preterm twins and singletons differ in their neurodevelopment at 5 years of age?
First-day weight loss predicts eventual weight nadir for breastfeeding newborns
Giant transient pustular melanosis in an infant
Video-EEG recordings in full-term neonates of diabetic mothers
Analgesia with breastfeeding in addition to skin-to-skin contact during heel prick
The importance of autopsy after failed delivery room resuscitation
Morbidity and mortality in preterm neonates with patent ductus arteriosus on day 3
Parents’ views on factors that help or hinder breast milk supply in neonatal care units
A systematic review of strategies for reporting of neonatal hospital-acquired bloodstream infections
Under-recognition of alarms in a neonatal intensive care unit
End-of-life care in Toronto neonatal intensive care units
Online support for parents of preterm infants
Macronutrient content of donor human breast milk
In utero drug and alcohol exposure in infants born to mothers prescribed maintenance methadone
The accuracy of a glucose-oxidase-based point-of-care glucometer in premature infants
Managing and preventing outbreaks of Gram-negative infections in UK neonatal units
Measuring neurodevelopmental outcome in neonatal trials
Human milk for preterm infants