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Shared biological risks that influence brain and behaviour
New strategies needed for investigating taste–obesity relationships
Safely ruling out inflammatory bowel disease in children and teenagers without referral for endoscopy
Systematic review and meta-analyses of risk factors for childhood overweight identifiable during infancy
Family-based association study of ADHD and genes increasing the risk for smoking behaviours
Black tongue due to adrenocortical insufficiency
Cardiac testing and outcomes in infants after an apparent life-threatening event
Gain in lung function after weight reduction in severely obese children
Thirty-years of screening for cystic fibrosis in East Anglia
Differences in taste sensitivity between obese and non-obese children and adolescents
Perthes’ disease of the hip : socioeconomic inequalities and the urban environment
The spectrum of sleep-disordered breathing symptoms and respiratory events in infants with cleft lip and/or palate
Significantly increasing hospital admissions for acute throat infections among children in England : is this related to tonsillectomy rates?
Infantile acne in a 2-year-old boy
Emergence of pneumococcal 19A empyema in UK children
Diagnosis and management of the epilepsies in children : a summary of the partial update of the 2012 NICE epilepsy guideline
Extrarenal Wilms’ tumour presenting as an inguinal mass
Needless pain in African children : an affront to human dignity
How sweet it isn't : a new formulation of sodium phenylbutyrate and the challenge of palatability for medicines for children
Developing a new formulation of sodium phenylbutyrate
Patterns of paediatric analgesic use in Africa : a systematic review
CT scans and later risk of leukaemia or brain tumour
Usefulness of parental response to questions about adherence to prescribed inhaled corticosteroids in young children
Poliomyelitis in Pakistan and Afghanistan
Drug therapy for children with tuberculosis
Skin colour : a barrier to early referral of infants with biliary atresia in the UK
S100 A8/A9 protein as a marker for early diagnosis of necrotising enterocolitis in neonates
Hyperkalaemia or potassophobia?
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