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Health and social care
Protecting children and young people
Contemporary hazards in the home
Genetic testing in children with surfactant dysfunction
Spontaneous pneumothoraces in hereditary multiple exostoses
Neurodevelopment outcome of newborns with cerebral subependymal pseudocysts at 18 and 46 months
Rational prescribing in paediatrics in a resource-limited setting
Environmental tobacco smoke and asthma exacerbations and severity
Use of an artificial pancreas at diabetes camps
School-based physical activity programme in preadolescent girls (9–11 years)
Terra Firma-Forme Dermatosis
Management of urinary tract infection in a tertiary children's hospital before and after publication of the NICE guidelines
The association between caesarean section and childhood obesity revisited
Morbidity among child travellers with sickle-cell disease visiting tropical areas
Acute abdomen due to splenic torsion
How does obstructive sleep apnoea evolve in syndromic craniosynostosis? A prospective cohort study
Giant Hogweed burns
Utility of red cell distribution width in screening for iron deficiency
Sleep disturbance in childhood epilepsy
Strategies to control pertussis in infants
Recurrent life-threatening sepsis in intestinal failure
Should critically ill children with acute respiratory failure be treated with surfactant?
Towards evidence based medicine for paediatricians
Is there effective behavioural treatment for children with chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis?
A painless pigmented pinna lesion
Oral propranolol versus placebo for retinopathy of prematurity
Window blind cords and accidental strangulation
Ethical and regulatory considerations in the use of individual participant data for studies of disease prediction
The importance of currency in data trends
Highlights from the literature