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Prevention and treatment of psychiatric disorders in children with chronic physical illness
Disability and economic disadvantage
Psychological interventions for mental health disorders in children with chronic physical illness
Socioeconomic disadvantage and onset of childhood chronic disabling conditions
Advertisements of follow-on formula and their perception by pregnant women and mothers in Italy
Parental child-rearing attitudes are associated with functional constipation in childhood
Potential economic impacts from improving breastfeeding rates in the UK
Current primary care management of children aged 1–36 months with urinary tract infections in Europe
Islet autoantibody status in a multi-ethnic UK clinic cohort of children presenting with diabetes
Prevalence and management of gastrointestinal manifestations in Silver–Russell syndrome
A core outcome set for clinical trials in acute diarrhoea
Eczema coxsackium
Reptile-associated salmonellosis in children aged under 5 years in South West England
Predicting IVIG resistance in UK Kawasaki disease
Circumcision and autism
Acute rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease in resource-limited settings
Health policy research
Advance Care Planning
Active management of food allergy
How effective is the use of long-term anti-TNF for paediatric IBD? Clues from real-life surveillance cohorts
Do we use antibiotics rationally?
Therapeutic guidelines for prescribing antibiotics in neonates should be evidence-based
Anti-TNF therapy for paediatric IBD
Choosing the right dose of tacrolimus
Infantile sucking bruises
Towards evidence based medicine for paediatricians
Has the first-line management of paediatric OCD improved following the introduction of NICE guidelines?
PAWS for thought
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