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Severe imported Plasmodium falciparum malaria in French paediatric intensive care units
Are we measuring blood pressure correctly in children, particularly in obesity?
Integrated care
Thumb-sucking, Amish and the hygiene hypothesis
Is the prevalence of hypertension in overweight children overestimated?
When to switch to oral antibiotics?
Retrospective study of imported falciparum malaria in French paediatric intensive care units
Perioperative risk factors for impaired neurodevelopment after cardiac surgery in early infancy
Informed consent for paediatric clinical trials in Europe
Catch-up growth and metabolic outcomes in adolescents born preterm
Children with chronic health disorders travelling to the tropics
A comparison of preprepared commercial infant feeding meals with home-cooked recipes
Socioeconomic status inequalities in low-grade inflammation during childhood
The challenge of consent in clinical genome-wide testing
Recent advances in the management of infants born <1000 g
Integrated care for childhood epilepsy
Children and road traffic injuries
An erythematous palmoplantar rash due to human parechovirus
Towards evidence based medicine for paediatricians
Lack of effect of azithromycin on QT interval in children
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