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Environmental tobacco smoke exposure among infants, children and young people
Non-accidental salt poisoning
Multiple-band melanonychia striata
Impact of environmental tobacco smoke exposure on anaesthetic and surgical outcomes in children
How many children and young people with life-limiting conditions are clinically unstable? A national data linkage study
Anthropometric measures and prevalence trends in adolescents with coeliac disease
SUDI and retinodural haemorrhage
Neonatal vaccination of low birthweight infants in Ghana
Dietitians' perceptions and experience of blenderised feeds for paediatric tube-feeding
Poverty, low birthweight and brain size
Giant mesenteric haemangioma presenting with severe anaemia
A pilot study of an emotional intelligence training intervention for a paediatric team
Child sexual assault reported to an acute sexual assault referral centre in London
The changing UK paediatric consultant workforce
Dual sensory impairment in special schools in South-Eastern Nigeria
Musculoskeletal involvement in tuberous sclerosis
Modifying the infant's diet to prevent food allergy
Disseminated intravascular coagulation in paediatrics
Outcomes of infants born near term
Is physiological glucocorticoid replacement important in children?
Reducing missed appointments in a paediatric diabetes clinic
Mortality rates are increased in patients with systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis
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