Botulinum Toxin A for Mentalis Muscle Dysfunction

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ObjectiveTo describe the use of botulinum toxin A for treatment of mentalis muscle dysfunction secondary to failed augmentation mentoplasty.DesignClinical observations were made in the treatment of mentalis muscle dysfunction. Patients with the postmentoplasty signs of mental skin dimpling and soft tissue ptosis were injected with 20 U of botulinum toxin A and observed for visual and functional improvement. Photographs were taken for documentation.SettingPrivate facial plastic surgery practice.PatientsThree patients with a history of failed augmentation mentoplasty were identified and signs/symptoms recorded. Each patient was treated with 20 U of botulinum toxin A and observed for clinical improvement.Main Outcome MeasuresPretreatment and posttreatment photographs of active and passive mentalis function together with patient satisfaction surveys.ResultsOf the 3 patients treated, all reported alleviation of the mentalis dysfunction and improved appearance. The symptoms began to return as the botulinum toxin A effects subsided.ConclusionsBotulinum toxin A is a safe and effective treatment of mentalis dysfunction secondary to failed augmentation mentoplasty. The effects are predictable, although temporary.Arch Facial Plast Surg.2001;3:268-269

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