A Patient- and Observer-Rated Analysis of the Impact of Lateral Rhinotomy on Facial Aesthetics

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ObjectiveTo determine, using patient- and observer-rated facial disfigurement measures, whether a lateral rhinotomy imparts significant aesthetic morbidity.DesignRetrospective and subject-controlled study in a large, tertiary-referral, academic otolaryngology department. Twenty-one consecutive patients who had undergone lateral rhinotomy for the treatment of inverted papilloma were studied in the long-term.Main Outcome MeasuresScores on the following: (1) the novel Patient-Rated Facial Disfigurement Analogue Scale questionnaire and (2) the reliable and validated Observer-Rated Facial Disfigurement 9-Point Likert Scale.ResultsPatients rated their facial appearance as minimally altered and significantly less apparent to others. The observers in this study, a surgeon (J.C.I.) and a psychiatrist (M.R.K.), rated the patients' facial disfigurement as minimally visible. Patients seem to rate how apparent their appearance is to others in a similar fashion to observers. The observer-rated facial disfigurement scale used is valid and reliable.ConclusionPatient- and observer-rated facial disfigurement measures suggest that a lateral rhinotomy does not impart significant aesthetic morbidity.Arch Facial Plast Surg.2001;3:241-244

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