Dual-Porosity Expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene Soft Tissue Implant : A New Implant for Facial Soft Tissue Augmentation

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ObjectiveTo illustrate problems observed with low-porosity expanded polytetrafluoroethylene soft tissue implants and to describe a new dual-porosity implant, the technique for insertion, and this author's preliminary experience.MethodA review of 175 pieces of SoftForm (Collagen Corporation, Palo Alto, Calif) placed in 69 patients over 3 years was performed. Between October 1, 1997, and September 30, 2000, 106 Advanta implants (Atrium Medical Corporation, Hudson, NH) in 42 patients have been carried out. A new instrument for implant insertion and the procedure used is described herein.ResultsThe low-porosity expanded polytetrafluoroethylene implants demonstrated a significant amount of problems with shrinkage and migration.ConclusionsPreliminarily, the dual-porosity implants would appear to offer a lower incidence of these complications. They are subjectively softer to feel once in place. Insertion is quick and easy using the method described herein.Arch Facial Plast Surg.2002;4:92-97

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