A Grading System for Nasal Dorsal Deformities
Skin Rejuvenation Regimens : A Profilometry and Histopathologic Study
Anatomical Guides to Precisely Localize the Frontal Branch of the Facial Nerve
Multicenter Evaluation of Subcutaneous Augmentation Material Implants
Surgical Access to the Internal Nasal Valve
Total Nasal Reconstruction : Utility of the Free Radial Forearm Fascial Flap
Evaluation of Pericranial Skull Adherence and Periosteal Healing in the Rabbit Model
The Platinum Chain : A New Upper-Lid Implant for Facial Palsy
Minimally Invasive Brow Suspension for Facial Paralysis
Cleft Lip Nasal Reconstruction Using Porous High-Density Polyethylene
Submentoplasty as an Isolated Rejuvenative Procedure for the Neck
Isolated Platysmaplasty : A Useful Procedure but With Important Limitations
Evaluation of Nasoalveolar Cysts for the Facial Plastic Surgeon
A Novel, Conformable, Rapidly Setting Nasal Splint Material : Results of a Prospective Study
The Use of Percutaneous Sutures for Graft Fixation in Rhinoplasty
The Cervicodeltopectoral Flap for Single-Stage Resurfacing of Anterolateral Defects of the Face and Neck
Periosteal Healing
Excision vs Mohs Surgery for Basal Cell Carcinoma
Secondary Rhinoplasty : Including Reconstruction of the Nose, 2nd ed
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Egon Schiele : Expressive Sensuality
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