Quantitative Analysis of Lip Appearance After V-Y Lip Augmentation

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ObjectiveTo quantitatively analyze the changes in the 3-dimensional appearance of the lips after V-Y lip advancement for lip augmentation.DesignA retrospective single-blinded study of patients who had a V-Y lip augmentation from January 1999 to December 2001. Standardized anterior and lateral preoperative and postoperative digital photographs of patients were analyzed using digital imaging software to quantify postoperative changes.ResultsThere were statistically significant increases in the vertical height of the upper red lip (75%) and in the area of the upper red lip (66%). The upper and lower lip projection increased by approximately 40%. The vertical distance from the apex to the trough of Cupid's bow increased by 56.7%.ConclusionsThe V-Y lip advancement for lip augmentation increases the parameters that characterize the fullness of the upper lip and enhances the vermilion “pout” and projection of the upper and lower lip. It also increases the curvature of Cupid's bow.

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