Contralateral Platysma Suspension: An Adjunct to Rhytidectomy

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As we age, a number of factors distort the contour of the cervicomental angle. Submental adipose deposits, anterior laxity of the platysma muscle, and relaxation of cervical skin contribute to this undesirable result. Comprehensive rhytidectomy will frequently involve enhancement of the cervicomental angle as an adjunctive procedure. Facial aesthetic surgeons have devised numerous techniques to deal with the aging neck. Commonly, the approach combines submental adipose tissue excision with posterosuperior-based support, either by preauricular or postauricular incision. Herein, we describe a technique incorporating standard submental suction lipectomy with a novel method of contralateral midline platysma suspension that creates a dynamic support system involving both rigid suture-based and flexible muscle-based components. This technique delivers quality aesthetic results and superior postoperative patient satisfaction.

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