In Vitro Effects of Combined and Sequential Bone Morphogenetic Protein Administration
Temporalis Tendon Transfer as Part of a Comprehensive Approach to Facial Reanimation
In Vitro Effects of Combined and Sequential Bone Morphogenetic Protein Administration
Surgical Alar Base Management With a Personal Technique : The Tightening Alar Base Suture
Pharyngeal Flap and Obstructive Apnea : Maximizing Speech Outcome While Limiting Complications
Histologic Effects of Autologous Platelet Gel in Skin Flap Healing
Defining Nasal Cartilage Elasticity : Biomechanical Testing of the Tripod Theory Based on a Cantilevered Model
The Subzygomatic Fossa : A Practical Landmark in Identifying the Zygomaticus Major Muscle
Identifiable Patient Photographs
Clinical Experience With Polymethylmethacrylate Microspheres (Artecoll) for Soft-Tissue Augmentation : A Retrospective Review
The Effect of a Hydrogen Peroxide Wound Care Regimen on Tensile Strength of Suture
Laminated Dorsal Beam Graft to Eliminate Postoperative Twisting Complications
Topic Collection
To Patch or Not to Patch? That Is the Question
Minimally Invasive—Minimally Effective : The Paradigm Shift Toward Mediocrity in Facial Plastic Surgery
Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Procedures : Perform Them or Face Practice “Phase Out”
Conchal Cartilage Harvest : Donor Site Morbidities, Patient Satisfaction, and Cosmetic Outcomes
Hyaluronidase and Restylane
Orbital Floor Fracture Repair
Orbital Floor Fracture Repair
Web-Based Education in Systems-Based Practice : A Randomized Trial
How Surgical Residents Spend Their Training Time : The Effect of a Goal-Oriented Work Style on Efficiency and Work Satisfaction
Effect of Smoking on Aging of Photoprotected Skin : Evidence Gathered Using a New Photonumeric Scale
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Sofonisba Anguissola's Self-portrait