Lip Augmentation With Porcine Small Intestinal Submucosa

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ObjectiveTo relate our initial experience using an acellular, soft tissue matrix derived from porcine small intestinal submucosa (Surgisis; Cook Biotech Inc, West Lafayette, Indiana) for lip augmentation.DesignA prospective, uncontrolled case series examining the results of lip augmentation using Surgisis in patients presenting to an academic otolaryngology/facial plastic surgery office.ResultsNineteen Surgisis implants were placed in 8 patients. All patients tolerated the procedure and denied unnatural sensations or complications at any interval. Adverse events included transient erythema and 1 case of local cellulitis treated effectively with oral antibiotics. Four patients were satisfied with the procedure and 4 patients requested greater augmentation. Six-month follow-up was reported, and preoperative and postoperative photography was used in all cases.ConclusionsShort-term lip augmentation was achieved in all 8 patients (4 patients had multiple strands placed). This study demonstrates technical ease and early safety. Surgisis should serve as scaffolding for ingrowth of striated muscle of the lip, potentially providing long-term augmentation. This study introduces Surgisis as a novel implant for lip augmentation.

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