A New Classification of Lip Zones to Customize Injectable Lip Augmentation

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ObjectivesTo present a new classification of 15 anatomical lip zones used to direct placement of injectable fillers during lip augmentation and to evaluate the new classification's ability to customize lip contour and size.MethodsStudy participants were consecutive patients presenting to a facial plastic and reconstructive surgery practice for injectable lip augmentation with a nonanimal-sourced stabilized hyaluronic acid (Restylane; Medicis Aesthetic Inc, Scottsdale, Arizona). A nonrandomized, prospective case series.ResultsA total of 137 treatments were performed on lips of 66 patients. The mean (SD) satisfaction score was 4.5 (0.6) on an integral scale of 1 (dissatisfied) to 5 (most satisfied). The mean (SD) persistence until lips returned to preoperative appearance based on patient subjective evaluation was 4.9 (1.5) months. Patients were free of adverse effects.ConclusionsUsing a new classification of lip anatomical zones to direct the injection of a nonanimal-sourced stabilized hyaluronic acid has increased my ability to better control lip shape and size in lip augmentation. This technique was met with high patient satisfaction and no adverse effects. Persistence of injected nonanimal-sourced stabilized hyaluronic acid was similar to that seen in other studies.

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