Highlights of Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery
The Evolution of the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery
The Technical and Anatomical Aspects of the World's First Near-Total Human Face and Maxilla Transplant
Long-term Use and Follow-up of Irradiated Homologous Costal Cartilage Grafts in the Nose
Measurements of Orbital Volume Change Using Computed Tomography in Isolated Orbital Blowout Fractures
Minimally Invasive Ear Reshaping With a 1450-nm Diode Laser Using Cryogen Spray Cooling in New Zealand White Rabbits
Error in Text in: Margin Reflex Distance in Different Ethnic Groups
Defining the Facial Extent of the Platysma Muscle
Perspectives on the Evolution of Rhinoplasty
The Legacy of Jack Anderson, MD
Has the Pendulum Swung Too Far?
Measuring Outcomes in Nasal Surgery
Cultivating a Global Aesthetic Consciousness
Rhinoplasty at the Global Crossroads
Functional Valvular Indrawing
Functional Valvular Indrawing—Reply
Orbital Arteriovenous Malformations
Communicating Clinical Trial Results to Research Participants
Benchmarking Surgical Incident Reports Using a Database and a Triage System to Reduce Adverse Outcomes
Utility of the Surgical Apgar Score: Validation in 4119 Patients
Cecilia Beaux’s Brother and Sister: Charles Sumner Bird and His Sister Edith Bird (Mrs Robert Bass)