Highlights of Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery
Minimally Invasive Temporalis Tendon Transposition
Threshold of Visual Perception of Facial Asymmetry in a Facial Paralysis Model
Modified Back-to-Back Autogenous Conchal Cartilage Graft for Caudal Septal Reconstruction : The Medial Crural Extension Graft
Analysis of Nasal Ptosis Correction Using Lower Lateral to Upper Lateral Cartilage Suspension
Minimally Invasive Bioabsorbable Bone Plates for Rigid Internal Fixation of Mandible Fractures
Preoperative Magnetic Resonance Angiography Detection of Septocutaneous Perforators in Fibula Free Flap Transfer
Histologic Evaluation of Laser Lipolysis Comparing Continuous Wave vs Pulsed Lasers in an In Vivo Pig Model
The Relationship of the Globe to the Orbital Rim
Ultrasonography for Rapid Detection of Pneumothorax After Costal Cartilage Harvest
Facial Suspension With Acellular Human Dermal Allograft
Facial Acne Scarring : Ten Years of Treatment With the Carbon Dioxide Laser
What Is Beauty, and Why Do We Care So Much About It?
Multidisciplinary Head and Neck Reconstruction : A Defect-Oriented Approach
La Marguerite by William Morris Hunt