Highlights of Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery
Reconstruction of Nasal Alar Defects in Asian Patients
Endonasal Placement of Spreader Grafts
Versatile Applications of the Polydioxanone Plate in Rhinoplasty and Septal Surgery
Reformatted Computed Tomography to Assess the Internal Nasal Valve and Association With Physical Examination
A Review of 13 Years of Experience With Endoscopic Forehead-lift
Double-Opposing Rotation-Advancement Flaps for Closure of Forehead Defects
Split Hump Technique for Reduction of the Overprojected Nasal Dorsum
Role of Virtual Surgery in Preoperative Planning
Impact of Cleft Width in Clefts of Secondary Palate on the Risk of Velopharyngeal Insufficiency
Motor Nerve to the Vastus Lateralis
The Hyoplatysmal Ligament
Facial Aesthetics
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