Effect of betametasone administration on platelet count in thrombocytopenic and normal pregnant women

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Objective:To evaluate the effect of a course of corticosteroids on platelet count in both thrombocytopenic and normal pregnant women.Study design:We retrospectively considered 107 pregnant women at 24-34 weeks gestation, who had received betametasone treatment (12 mg i.m. for two consecutive days) for fetal lung maturation. Platelet count was assayed 3 days before and 3-7 days after the treatment. Patients were divided into three classes according to the severity of thrombocytopenia. Results: The mean platelet count significantly increased in all classes of patients to an extent that was inversely related to baseline values. The prevalence of non-responders was 56.7% in normal, and 15.0% in thrombocytopenic pregnant women. Conclusions: Corticosteroids may have a role in the treatment of thrombocytopenia in pregnancy.

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