Interaction between BRCA1 and human papilloma virus E7: an ontology study

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BRCA1 was the first breast cancer susceptibility gene to be identified and cloned. Recent studies indicate that BRCA 1 interacts with and regulates the activity of estrogen receptor alpha. The correlation between BRCA1 and E7 of papilloma virus becomes a new interesting topic in gynecological cancer. According to this study, E7 can add no function or aberration to the BRCA1 molecule. Further experimental studies are needed before making a conclusion on this topic. The finding in this study not only supports the previous knowledge on BRCA1 but also gives a new view on the function of BRCA1 and E7 in breast cancer. Here, the author used a new gene ontology technology to predict the molecular function and biological process of BRCA1 and E7.

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