Validation of fetal cerebellar volume by three-dimensional ultrasonography in Brazilian population

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BackgroundTo validate the prediction equation of the volume of fetal cerebellum by three-dimensional ultrasonography determined for Taiwan's population in Brazilian population.MethodsA longitudinal prospective study was performed with 52 normal pregnant women between 20 and 32 weeks. The measurement of fetal cerebellar volume was done by virtual organ computer-aided analysis (VOCALTM) method, with a rotation angle of 30°. To establish the correlation of fetal cerebellar volume with gestational age, a polynomial regression analysis was performed, with cerebellar volume as dependent variable and gestational age as independent variable. To compare the prediction equation of the volume of fetal cerebellum in Taiwan's population and the equation established in this study, with the values obtained from Brazilian population (referential), we used the intraclass correlation coefficient, with the averages compared by paired Student's t test.ResultsThe volume of fetal cerebellum was highly correlated with gestational age, and the best prediction equation obtained was of the second degree. The equation established in this study predicted cerebellar volumes more accurately than the equation established for Taiwan's population, since the average values of fetal cerebellar volume were more similar to the average values of reference.ConclusionsThe equation established for Taiwan's population presented less accuracy in Brazilian population, possibly due to the strong ethnical differences between both populations.

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