Live birth after laparotomy for concurrent heterotopic pregnancy and appendicitis in a 6 weeks IVF pregnancy

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BackroundA term delivery after concurrent appendectomy and salpingectomy at 6 weeks in an appendicitis coexisting with a heterotopic pregnancy after in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment is reported.MethodsCase report.ResultsThe patient presented with severe low abdominal pain at 6 weeks of pregnancy after IVF and had explorative laparotomy for appendicitis, during which she had appendectomy and salpingectomy for an undiagnosed concurrent heterotopic pregnancy. The patient delivered a 3,960 g healthy infant at 38 weeks.ConclusionIn patients with severe abdominal pain after IVF, appendicitis and heterotopic pregnancy should be included in the differential diagnosis. A dual pathology is possible and when treated appropriately it can result in survival of the precious intrauterine pregnancy. This is the second and earliest ever reported case of that resulted in live birth. It shows that explorative surgery must be performed timely in acute abdomen in pregnancy.

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