Odd variation of 75 g oral glucose tolerance test results in a Japanese patient with polycystic ovary syndrome: a case report

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We report a young woman of normal body weight who was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and had an odd variation of 75 g oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT). This woman underwent the 75 g OGTT to evaluate the association between PCOS and insulin secretion capacity. Although the blood sugar levels were within normal range before the OGTT load test, we noted an odd variation of insulin response in which a condition of hyperinsulinemia after the load test was followed suddenly by hypoglycemia. Hyperandrogenism in the PCOS patient and insulin resistance indicated by 75 g OGTT suggest that insulin may influence the ovary and that there could be an association between this disease and insulin resistance. The insulinogenic index in this case showed higher than normal values, demonstrating that there was a positive correlation between hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance. This patient experienced ovulation followed by pregnancy after treatment with an herbal medicine called Shakuyaku-Kanzo-To. We believed that identifying the subset of PCOS woman who is insulin resistant may be useful, as this resistance could be import in terms of follow-up and future exploration.

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