Diagnosis of uteroperitoneal fistula through color Doppler hysterosonography

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IntroductionUterine fistulas are infrequent pathologic entities characterized by abnormal communication of the uterus with any other organ or structure through a perforation formed due to traumatic and infectious conditions among others. The use of hysterosonography as method of diagnosis for that pathologic entity has few descriptions in medical literature. MEDLINE search resulted in only two cases reporting the use of HS in the diagnosis of uterine fistula.ObjectiveOur objective is to report a case of uteroperitoneal fistula caused by uterine trauma during curettage, diagnosed by color Doppler hysterosonogrphy. The importance of our report lies on HS as a simple, safe and low cost method, which can be used for the diagnosis of fistulous processes involving the uterus.

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