XI VOCAL (eXtended Imaging VOCAL): a new modality for three-dimensional sonographic volume measurement

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IntroductionThe important technological evolutions that three-dimensional ultrasonography devices have gone through in the last years have brought great benefits for the volumetric measurement of fetal organs and structures. In clinical practice, three-dimensional volumetry has helped to identify abnormalities in fetal compartment and other related organs, assisting in the diagnosis and risk estimation of several pathological conditions in fetal medicine.AimThe authors describe a new methodology for volumetric calculation through three-dimensional ultrasonography called eXtended Imaging VOCAL (XI VOCAL), which is part of the software Three-dimensional eXtended Imaging (3DXI)TM. This software virtualizes real organs, by analyzing the volume through a diagram of slice sections (Multi-slice view) that simultaneously shows a sequence of images in parallel planes, and establishes the volume of the organ. Because of the importance of accurate volumetric measurements in obstetric ultrasonography, a new method allowing this measurement should be regarded as of great interest.

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