Cloning and partial characterization of the gene encoding the putative elongation factor Ts ofStreptococcus suisserotype 2

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Streptococcus suis infection has a substantial impact on the swine industry. In addition, S. suis serotype 2 is recognized as a zoonotic agent. In this paper, we report the cloning and complete sequence of the gene coding for the putative elongation factor Ts (tsf-like) of S. suis. The putative tsf gene seems to be transcribed from a promoter located within the cloned DNA fragment, as its expression is not dependent on insertional orientation within the plasmid. One copy of the tsf gene was detected in the chromosome of S. suis by Southern blot analysis. Interestingly, the elongation factor Ts expressed by all reference strains of all S. suis serotypes were antigenically similar, as determined by Western blot.

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