Evaluation of TatABC overproduction on Tat- and Sec-dependent protein secretion inStreptomyces lividans

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The majority of bacterial proteins are exported across the cytoplasmic membrane via the Sec pathway, but also the more recently discovered twin-arginine translocation (Tat) route seems to play an important role for protein secretion in Streptomyces lividans in whose genome tatA, tatB and tatC have been identified. In the present work we showed that simultaneous overproduction of TatABC improved the Tat-dependent secretion capacity as could be concluded from the increased amount of secreted xylanase C, an exclusive Tat-dependent substrate. This result demonstrates that next to the availability of energy to drive secretion, also the number of translocases can be rate-limiting for Tat-dependent secretion. On the other hand, tatABC overexpression was found to diminish secretion of the Sec-dependent proteins xylanase B and subtilisin inhibitor in S. lividans. These results reveal cross-talk between both pathways in S. lividans.

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