Confirmation of Confocal Microscopy Diagnosis of Acanthamoeba Keratitis Using Polymerase Chain Reaction Analysis
Iridocorneal Endothelial Syndrome in Thai Patients
Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope Correlations With Biomicroscopic Findings and Foveal Function After Macular Hole Closure
Observations on 17 Patients With Retinocytoma
Choroidal Laser Doppler Flowmetry in Healthy Subjects
Metastatic Neoplasms in the Optic Disc
Melkersson-Rosenthal Syndrome
Swelling and Loss of Photoreceptors in Chronic Human and Experimental Glaucomas
Tear Production After Unilateral Removal of the Main Lacrimal Gland in Squirrel Monkeys
Surgical Undertreatment of Glaucoma in Black Beneficiaries of Medicare
Anterior Chamber Depth Measurement as a Screening Tool for Primary Angle-closure Glaucoma in an East Asian Population
Age-Specific Causes of Bilateral Visual Impairment
The Analysis of Clinical Research: Mandatory Submission of Data Sets
The Analysis of Clinical Research: Mandatory Submission of Data Sets
Management of Small Corneal Infiltrates in Contact Lens Wearers
T-Cell Lymphoproliferative Disorder of Vitreous Associated With Mycosis Fungoides
Photorefractive Keratectomy for Correction of Epikeratophakia Regression
Iatrogenic Keratoconus: Corneal Ectasia Following Laser In Situ Keratomileusis for Myopia
Treatment of Conjunctival Mucosa-Associated Lymphoid Tissue Lymphoma With Intralesional Injection of Interferon Alfa-2b
Spontaneous Resolution of Vitreomacular Traction Documented by Optical Coherence Tomography
Acute Bilateral Visual Loss Associated With Retinal Hemorrhages Following Epiduroscopy
Capillary Hemangioma of the Optic Nerve Head and Juxtapapillary Retina
Sildenafil (Viagra) Associated Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy
Mycobacterium chelonae Infection in a Corneal Graft
Peculiar Macular Hemorrhage
Retinopathy of NARP Syndrome
Codons 837 and 838 in the Retinal Guanylate Cyclase Gene on Chromosome 17p: Hot Spots for Mutations in Autosomal Dominant Cone-Rod Dystrophy?
Jorge N. Buxton, MD (1921-1999)
Eye Pathology: An Atlas and Basic Text
Atlas of Orbital Tumors
Corneal Disorders: Clinical Diagnosis and Management, 2nd ed
Continuing Education for Ophthalmologists
Archives of Ophthalmology Reader's Choice: Continuing Medical Education
A look at the past...
A look at the past...