Fracture of ceramic heads in total hip replacement

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After introduction of ceramics in total hip replacement, there have been several studies on wear and fracture of the femoral head component. Though reports on fractures are few, we saw four fractures within 2 months. In all patients, a cementless hip prosthesis by four different surgeons was implanted between 3/2001 and 2/2004. In three patients, a ceramic-on-polyethylene pair and in one, a ceramic-on-ceramic pair was used. Only one patient suffered an adequate trauma. The mean survival of the ceramic head was 27 months (11-42). In two patients with polyethylene inlays, the inlay showed signs of wear out due to the fractured head. All four revision surgeries had a good outcome with satisfying results and no complications. Though we observe the postoperative development after implantation of ceramic components closely, we still believe that ceramics in total hip replacement in young and active patients are indicated with good long term results.

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