Brown tumor with atypical localization in a normocalcemic patient

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Brown tumor is a bone lesion secondary to hyperparathyroidism of various etiologies. It is frequently seen in the head and neck region. Brown tumor presents itself on foot very rarely. Hyperparathyroidism is usually associated with high levels of calcium. Being normocalcemic and having the tumor on foot only without any other skeletal system involvement have led to a difficulty in establishing the diagnosis in our case. In our case, Brown tumor was surgically resected en-bloc and reconstructed with nonvascularized tricortical iliac crest. This is the first case in the literature with regard to its localization. Even though serum calcium levels are routinely checked in many clinics parathormone levels should also be looked for differential diagnosis, as this case confirms, in cases with osteolytic bone tumors that causes expansion even if the patient is normocalcemic.

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