Location of the Hill-Sachs lesion in shoulders with recurrent anterior dislocation

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IntroductionComputed tomography images of 35 shoulders of 34 patients with recurrent anterior dislocation and 13 shoulders of 13 healthy normal volunteers were used to determine the location of the Hill-Sachs lesion in reference to the location of the bare area using computed tomography.MethodWe measured the location, and size of the Hill-Sachs lesion and the bare area, and described them on a clock face on the humeral head.ResultsThe Hill-Sachs lesion was observed in slices between 0-3 and 22-24 mm distal from the top of the humeral head. The bare area was located only in slices 19-21 mm and below.ConclusionFrom these data, we concluded that the Hill-Sachs lesion exists in the area between 0 and 24 mm from the top of the humeral head, and the inferior portion of the Hill-Sachs lesion overlaps the bare area if it extends beyond 19 mm from the top of the humeral head.

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