Acute non-displaced fractures of the scaphoid: earlier return to activities after operative treatment. A controlled multicenter cohort study

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IntroductionTo investigate whether operative treatment leads to earlier return to previous activity level, 94 patients with the same number of isolated, acute, complete, stable and non-displaced fractures of the scaphoid mid-third were involved in a prospective, multicenter cohort study.MethodFractures were either fixed with a cannulated screw or immobilized with a short arm cast, and followed for 6 months.ResultsBy 15 weeks, patients receiving surgical treatment returned significantly earlier to their full time work and home activities, as well as achieved significantly better results for functional status, pain, and overall satisfaction. However, complication rates concerning union and secondary operative management were higher.ConclusionOperative treatment therefore primarily facilitates earlier return to previous activity level, as well as better functional status, less pain and higher patient satisfaction, yet conservative treatment seems to be safer and associated with a lower complication rate.

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