Identification of Domestic Violence in the Community Pediatric Setting : Need to Protect Mothers and Children
Promoting Early Detection of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection Among Adolescents
Child and Adolescent Injury Research in 1998 : A Summary of Abstracts Submitted to the Ambulatory Pediatrics Association and the American Public Health Association
How Well Does the Questionnaire for Identifying Children With Chronic Conditions Identify Individual Children Who Have Chronic Conditions?
The Differentiation of Classic Kawasaki Disease, Atypical Kawasaki Disease, and Acute Adenoviral Infection : Use of Clinical Features and a Rapid Direct Fluorescent Antigen Test
Identification of Violence in the Home : Pediatric and Parental Reports
The Effect of Kawasaki Disease on Cognition and Behavior
Resource Utilization and Contaminated Blood Cultures in Children at Risk for Occult Bacteremia
Effect of the Baby-Friendly Initiative on Infant Abandonment in a Russian Hospital
Improving Rheumatologists' Screening for Alcohol Use and Sexual Activity
A Cost-effectiveness Analysis of Newborn Hearing Screening Strategies
Health Care Providers' Experience Reporting Child Abuse in the Primary Care Setting
Violence Prevention in the Emergency Department : Clinician Attitudes and Limitations
Coordination of Specialty Referrals and Physician Satisfaction With Referral Care
Growth and Determinants of Access in Patient E-mail and Internet Use
Making History : Thomas Francis, Jr, MD, and the 1954 Salk Poliomyelitis Vaccine Field Trial
Reviewers Who Completed a Review During 1999
Radiological Case of the Month
Picture of the Month
Pathological Case of the Month
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Co-sleeping
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Co-sleeping
Bed Sharing Is Not a "Consumer Product"
Bed Sharing Is Not a "Consumer Product"
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity and Learning Disorders
Attention Deficits and Hyperactivity in Children and Adults: Diagnosis, Treatment, Management, 2nd ed
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