Assessment of Parental Understanding by Pediatric Residents During Counseling After Newborn Genetic Screening
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Results of Newborn Screening for Hearing Loss
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Birth Weight, Infant Growth, and Childhood Body Mass Index
Incarceration and Psychotropic Drug Use by Youth
Screening for Drug Abuse Among Medical and Nonmedical Users of Prescription Drugs in a Probability Sample of College Students
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Team Sports for Overweight Children
A Randomized Trial of the Effects of Reducing Television Viewing and Computer Use on Body Mass Index in Young Children
Double Jeopardy
Risk Factors for Death Among Older Child and Teenaged Motor Vehicle Passengers
Childhood Sexual Abuse and Eating Disorders in Females
Predominance of Genetic Diagnosis and Imaging Results as Predictors in Determining the Speech Perception Performance Outcome After Cochlear Implantation in Children
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Marks on the Lower Back of a Growing Adolescent Boy
Denouement and Discussion
Misunderstanding About Communication
Psychotropic Medications in Incarcerated Juveniles
Innovations to Reduce Television and ComputerTime and Obesity in Childhood
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