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School, Police, and Medical Authority Involvement With Children Who Have Experienced Victimization
Community Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder for Children Exposed to Intimate Partner Violence : A Randomized Controlled Trial
Gender-Based Disparities in Infant and Child Mortality Based on Maternal Exposure to Spousal Violence : The Heavy Burden Borne by Indian Girls
Experience of an Adolescent Living With and Dying of Cancer
Primary Care Strategies for Promoting Parent-Child Interactions and School Readiness in At-Risk Families : The Bellevue Project for Early Language, Literacy, and Education Success
Randomized Controlled Trial of Primary Care Pediatric Parenting Programs : Effect on Reduced Media Exposure in Infants, Mediated Through Enhanced Parent-Child Interaction
Adverse Adolescent Reproductive Health Outcomes After Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
Developmental Trajectories of Marijuana Use From Adolescence to Adulthood : Personal Predictors
Integrating Spatial Epidemiology Into a Decision Model for Evaluation of Facial Palsy in Children
Factors Affecting the Stability of Blood Lipid and Lipoprotein Levels From Youth to Adulthood : Evidence From the Childhood Determinants of Adult Health Study
Interventions to Reduce Sexual Risk for Human Immunodeficiency Virus in Adolescents : A Meta-analysis of Trials, 1985-2008
Picture of the Month—Quiz Case
Picture of the Month—Diagnosis
Connecting the Dots in Childhood and Adolescent Trauma
Developing Interventions for Trauma-Exposed Children : A Comment on Progress to Date, and 3 Recommendations for Further Advancing the Field
Predictably Unhelpful : Why Clinicians Do Not Use Prediction Rules
Infant Feeding Practice of Premastication : An Anonymous Survey Among Human Immunodeficiency Virus–Infected Mothers
Lyme Disease in Children and Adolescents