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The 1990s
Early Volume Expansion During Diarrhea and Relative Nephroprotection During Subsequent Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome
School Bullying Perpetration and Other Childhood Risk Factors as Predictors of Adult Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration
Incidence and Age-Specific Presentation of Restrictive Eating Disorders in Children
The Intergenerational Transmission of Thinness
Developmental Trajectories of Body Mass Index in Early Childhood and Their Risk Factors
Retinal Hemorrhages in Low-Risk Children Evaluated for Physical Abuse
Judicial Outcomes of Child Abuse Homicide
Health Status of Extremely Low-Birth-Weight Children at 8 Years of Age
Perceptions About Water and Increased Use of Bottled Water in Minority Children
The Introduction of Allergenic Foods and the Development of Reported Wheezing and Eczema in Childhood
Parental and Environmental Correlates of Physical Activity of Children Attending Preschool
Maternal Exposure to Magnetic Fields During Pregnancy in Relation to the Risk of Asthma in Offspring
Occult Serious Bacterial Infection in Infants Younger Than 60 to 90 Days With Bronchiolitis
Picture of the Month—Quiz Case
Picture of the Month—Diagnosis
A Recurring Question
School Bullying