A prospective audit of early pain and patient satisfaction following out-patient band ligation of haemorrhoids

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Information regarding early morbidity, pain and patient satisfaction following band ligation of haemorrhoids is limited is the first report to address these issues specifically.


A total of 183 patients underwent the procedure over a 10-month period. Prospective data were collected using a detailed structured questionnaire regarding symptoms, analgesia requirements and patient satisfaction in the following week.


The response rate was 74% (135/183). Pain scores were highest 4 h following the procedure. At 1 week, 75% of patients were pain-free, with 9 (7%) still experiencing moderate-to-severe pain. About 65% required oral analgesia, most frequently on the day of procedure. Rectal bleeding occurred in 86 patients (65%) on the day after banding, persisting in 32 (24%) at 1 week. Vaso-vagal symptoms occurred in 41 patients (30%) and were commonest at the time of banding. Eighty patients (59%) were satisfied with their experience and would undergo the procedure again. Patients requiring oral analgesia and those experiencing bleeding or vaso-vagal symptoms were significantly less likely to be satisfied with the procedure. Only 57% of the patients surveyed would recommend the procedure to a friend.


Data from this large cohort of patients suggest that discomfort and bleeding may persist for a week or more following banding of haemorrhoids. Patients should be aware of this in order to make an informed decision as to whether to undergo the procedure, and surgeons should investigate ways of reducing it. Patient satisfaction may be further improved by more accurate counselling regarding the incidence of specific complications.

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