Appendiceal mucocoele with midgut malrotation

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Malrotation of the midgut and appendiceal mucocoele are both extremely rare pathological conditions in adults. To our knowledge, there are only two reported cases in the English literature with a combination of both conditions.


A 65-year-old man presented with a 10-day history of upper abdominal pain associated with abdominal bloating and weight loss. He was otherwise fit and healthy with no significant past medical history. On examination, his abdomen was soft with tenderness and palpable fullness over the left upper quadrant. The initial blood test, chest x-ray and abdominal x-ray demonstrated no significant abnormality. Computed tomography showed a 17cm x 8cm x 6cm elongated cystic mass with possible malrotation of the intestines. Histopathology showed a low grade mucinous tumour of the appendix. At 12 months following surgery, there was no evidence of recurrence or postoperative complications and the patient was discharged from the care of the colorectal team.


We report a patient with a combination of two rare conditions. This case illustrates how a combination of pathologies can present a challenge to the unwary general surgeon.

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