A case series of a magnetic bone conduction hearing implant

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The objective of the study was to retrospectively review the postoperative outcomes of patients from a single centre who were implanted with a magnetic bone conduction hearing implant system. The medical and audiological case notes of all patients (n = 34) in a tertiary referral centre ENT department who had been implanted with a Baha® 4 Attract System between October 2013 and April 2015 were reviewed retrospectively.

The main outcome measures were use of the aid and complications from implantation or use of the aid. Results indicated that 23 patients had no significant postoperative problems; 5 required an alteration in magnet strength; 1 reported troublesome tinnitus; 1 had the implant changed to an abutment system; 1 had the magnet removed; 1 has ongoing skin problems; 2 have been changed to a newer, lighter sound processor. The majority of patients had good outcomes from the magnetic bone conduction aid. A proportion of patients had significant problems requiring medical attention.

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