Sharing of Drug Preparation Equipment as a Risk Factor for Hepatitis C

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Objectives.This study investigated the sharing of drug preparation equipment as a possible route of hepatitis C virus (HCV) transmission.Methods.HCV seroconversion was measured in a cohort of 317 injection drug users who tested negative for HCV antibody at recruitment.Results.Cumulative HCV incidence was 16.7% per year. Among those who did not share syringes, HCV seroconversion was associated with sharing drug cookers and filtration cotton (adjusted risk ratio=5.9: 95% confidence interval=1.1, 31.7); 54% of HCV infections in injection drug users who did not share syringes were attributable to cooker/cotton sharing.Conclusions.Among injection drug users who do not share syringes, an important proportion of HCV infections may be attributed to cooker/cotton sharing.

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