The Use of a Human Patient Simulator in the Evaluation of and Development of a Remedial Prescription for an Anesthesiologist with Lapsed Medical Skills

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The New York State Society of Anesthesiologists’ Committee on Continuing Medical Education and Remediation has been charged by the Office of Professional Medical Conduct of the New York State Department of Health to develop a remediation program for individuals ordered into retraining. We describe the development of an anesthesiology-specific evaluation to identify areas of deficiency to both determine a candidate’s suitability, as well as to facilitate the creation of an appropriate prescription for retraining. A human patient simulator was used to aid in the gathering of information during the evaluation process. Specifically, the use of simulation allowed the exploration of a candidate’s preparation, approach to clinical situations, technical abilities, response to clinical problems, ability to problem solve, and accuracy of medical record keeping. Human patient simulation should be considered a valuable tool in the process of evaluating physicians with lapsed medical skills.

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