Epidural Triamcinolone and Adrenal Response to Hypoglycemic Stress in Dogs

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The effect of an epidural steroid injection (triamcinolone) on plasma cortisol levels was studied in twelve beagle dogs following an insulin-induced hypoglycemic stress. The control group (n = 6) received epidural bupivacaine only. this group consistently increased their plasma cortisol values in response to the hypoglycemic stress induced by 0.6 units of insulin/kg administered intravenously. Dogs in the study group (n = 6) received epidural bupiva-caine plus 2 mg/kg of triamcinolone. This group was unable to increase their plasma cortisol values in response to similar insulin-induced hypoglycemic stress for four weeks. Return to normal function occurred five weeks following epidural triamcinolone.The authors hypothesize that the inability of the dogs to respond to hypoglycemic stress by increasing their plasma cortisol may interfere with homeostasis and decrease their tolerance to other types of stress up to 4 weeks following epidural triamcinolone administration.

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