Autologous Fat Grafting: Current State of the Art and Critical Review

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BackgroundDespite the widespread use of autologous fat grafting in both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, volume retention remains a significant problem. We aimed to critically appraise the current body of literature in fat grafting to provide a framework to guide application and comparison.MethodSearch of scientific databases and gray literature was conducted. Articles examining nonadipogenic applications of adipose tissue and those specific to breast reconstruction were excluded.ResultsOne hundred three articles were included. These fell under the headings of donor site, effect of infiltration solution, harvest method, effect of centrifugation, reinjection method, supplementation, the role of adipose-derived stem cells, and scaffolding.ConclusionsDespite the significant research effort in this field, there remains no consensus as to the optimum technique. This stems from the vast array of research methods and short follow-up durations. Further, extrapolation of in vitro results to clinical settings has led to many conflicting practices.

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