Gallstone Disease and Related Risk Factors in Patients With Crohn Disease: Analysis of 330 Consecutive Cases

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BackgroundThe reported prevalence of gallstone disease (GD), defined as current gallstones or previous cholecystectomy for gallstones, in patients with Crohn disease ranges from 13% to 34%. The aim of this study was to characterize the still undefined risk factors of this complication.MethodsA total of 330 consecutive patients with Crohn disease (189 males and 141 females aged 17-82 years, mean ± SD age, 41 ± 14 years) underwent liver ultrasonography.ResultsA diagnosis of GD was made in 78 patients (24%), 54 with current gallstones and 24 who had undergone previous cholecystectomy. Its frequency was comparable in males and females (23% vs 25%), but was significantly associated with age (P =.001), being 13%, 36%, and 51% in patients aged 44 years and younger, 45 to 59 years, and 60 years and older, respectively (P =.001). Its prevalence significantly differed according to the site of the disease at diagnosis (P =.02) and was unrelated to disease duration. Gallstone disease was more frequent in patients who had undergone surgery (34% vs 14%; P =.001) and was significantly associated with the number (P =.001) and site of bowel resections (P =.001), increasing from 28% in the patients who had undergone 1 resection to 53% in those having had 2 or more resections (P =.005) and being significantly higher in patients with a resection involving the ileocecal region. Multivariate analysis showed that age; site of disease at diagnosis; and the presence, number, and site of bowel resections were significantly related to GD.ConclusionsIn patients with Crohn disease, the frequency of GD is significantly higher than that reported in the general population with comparable characteristics (z = 5.04, P<.001). Age; site of disease at diagnosis; and the history, number, and site of bowel resections are independently associated with GD.Arch Intern Med.2001;161:2201-2204

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