NGF increases cortical acetylcholine release in rats with lesions of the nucleus basalis

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RATS received a unilateral lesion of the nucleus basalis by infusion of ibotenic acid. Two weeks after the lesion, osmotic minipumps were implanted, that infused 1 μg human recombinant nerve growth factor (NGF) or cytochrome-C per day into the lateral ventricle. After four weeks of treatment, release of acetylcholine was measured in the frontal neocortex by means of in-vivo microdialysis. Release was decreased by 75 % on the lesioned side; perfusion with 100 mM KCl increased release on the intact side by 130% and on the lesioned side by 80%. Treatment with NGF increased release on the lesioned side twofold, but had no effect on release on the intact side.

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