Causes of death among HIV-infected patients in France in 2010 (national survey): trends since 2000

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Objective:The Mortalité 2010 survey aimed at describing the causes of death among HIV-infected patients in France in 2010 and their evolution since 2000.Design and methods:A national sample of clinical sites, providing HIV care and treatment, notified and documented deaths using a standardized questionnaire.Results:The 90 participating wards notified 728 deaths. Median age at death was 50 years (interquartile range 45–58) and 75% were men. The main underlying causes of death were AIDS-related (25% in 2010 vs. 36% in 2005 and 47% in 2000), non-AIDS non-viral hepatitis-related malignancy (22 vs. 17 and 11%), liver-related (11 vs. 15 and 13%), cardiovascular diseases (10 vs. 8 and 7%) and non-AIDS-related infections (9 vs. 4 and 7%). Malignancies (AIDS and non-AIDS-related) accounted for a third of all causes of death. AIDS accounted for 33% of all causes of death among patients mono-infected with HIV vs. only 13% among those co-infected with hepatitis B virus or hepatitis C virus.Conclusion:In 2010, 25% of the causes of death among HIV-infected patients remained AIDS-related. Improved screening and earlier HIV treatment should lead to a smaller proportion of deaths due to AIDS. The majority of patients died of various causes, whereas their HIV infection was well controlled under treatment. Improving case management of HIV-infected patients should include a multidisciplinary approach (prevention, screening, treatment), especially in oncology. Smoking cessation should be a priority goal.

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