Use of a high-fidelity simulator to develop testing of the technical performance of novice anaesthetists

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BackgroundWe used the Delphi technique to gain a consensus from 26 consultant anaesthetists about technical tasks during general anaesthesia. We then developed a technical scoring system to assess anaesthetists undertaking general anaesthesia with rapid sequence induction.MethodsWe then followed the performance of six novice anaesthetists on five occasions during their first 3 months of training. At each, visit each novice ‘anaesthetized’ the Human Patient Simulator at Bristol Medical Simulator Centre. For comparison seven post-fellowship anaesthetists were scored on one occasion.ResultsNovice scores improved significantly over the 12-week period (P<0.01). A significant difference was also found between the final novice scores and the post-fellowship subjects (P<0.05).ConclusionsThese findings suggest that simulation can be used to observe and quantify technical performance.

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