Effects of intramuscular administration of lidocaine or bupivacaine on induction and maintenance doses of propofol evaluated by bispectral index

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BackgroundInterest in combining local and general anaesthesia has lead to studies investigating possible interactions. In a prospective, randomized, double-blind study, we tested whether local anaesthetics administered i.m. potentiate the hypnotic effect of propofol.MethodsSixty patients (three groups, n=20) undergoing lower abdominal surgery with total i.v. propofol anaesthesia were investigated. Patients in Group B received i.m. bupivacaine (5 mg ml–1) 1 mg kg–1, patients in Group L received i.m. lidocaine (100 mg ml–1) 2 mg kg–1 and patients in Group C received i.m. saline 5 ml before operation. Hypnosis was measured with bispectral index (BIS).ResultsThe induction (BIS <45), and the maintenance doses of propofol (BIS between 40 and 50) were significantly less in Group B and Group L compared with the control group. Induction doses were 1.58 (SD 0.39), 1.56 (0.24) and 2.03 (0.33) mg kg–1 respectively; P<0.0001. Maintenance doses were 6.33 (2.06), 7.08 (1.23) and 9.95 (2.02) mg kg–1 respectively in the first hour; P<0.0001. Groups B and L were associated with an attenuated haemodynamic response to both induction and intubation.ConclusionI.M. administered local anaesthetics are associated with a decrease in both the induction and maintenance doses of propofol during total i.v. anaesthesia and a reduction in haemodynamic responses.

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