Pediatric Circulatory Support Systems

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Ventricular assist devices (VADs) are a valid option for long-term circulatory support in pediatric patients with postoperative myocardial failure or debilitating heart defects. Most clinical experience to date has involved the short-term support of patients weighing 6 kg and larger. For cases of VAD implementation in pediatric patients, the assist device showed tremendous promise in reversing cardiac failure and providing adequate support as a bridge to cardiac transplantation. The Medos-HIA system, Berlin Heart, Medtronic Bio-Medicus Pump, Abiomed BVS 5000, Toyobo-Zeon pumps, and Hemopumps have proven successful for short-term circulatory support for the pediatric population. The Jarvik 2000 and Pierce-Donachy pediatric system further demonstrate the potential to be used for pediatric circulatory support. The clinical and experimental success of these support systems provide encouragement to believe that long-term support is possible.

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